More HD pictures CLICK HERE (FLICKR Fotostream) of flying4nature (F4N)

Bell AH-1W Super Cobra (700 size), Stabio 21.12.13

Quadro Blade 350QX, Andermatt “Teufelsbrücke” 14.12.13

Blade 350 QX, Greifensee Badi Muur, 07.12.13

Maiden Taser E 2.0m  28.11.13

Soaring in Ticino with BETA 2.3m, 07.11.13

Fly days in autum GeeBee / BETA 2.3m, 18.-19. October 2013

Perspective Pfannenstiel, 7. September 2013, BETA 2.3 Topmodel CZ

Fire in Fällanden-Switzerland (near Zürich) on August the 16th 2013 at 17:00pm (pictures from FunCub). Brand (Firma Swissvax) in Fällanden (ZH) am Freitag 16.08.13 / 17:15 (Bilder aus FunCub).

Lorenz and Luca flying over the Elba island (Italy) on July 2013

Philippe and Lorenz flying DLG’s on June 2013

Fly session Wallis 09.-12.05.13, Jeizinen-Visperterminen-Turtmann

Fly year 2013

Archiv 2012

Archiv 2011

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