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Trailer of flying4nature

Some videos below:

BETA 2.3m in rain and fog, (Monte Generoso-Caviano, November 2013)

BETA 2.3m, (Monte Bar, November 2013)

Mini GeeBee 3D 600mm (Möchaltorf, October 2013)

Mini GeeBee
Mini GeeBee
Mini GeeBee

Autum flight BETA 2.3m (Uster, October 2013)

Autum flight BETA 2.3m (Bad Egg, October 2013)

Flycam over island of Elba (Italy), July 2013

Club fly (Gossau ZH, June 2013)

Phoenix 2000
BETA 2.3m
Fun Cub

Fly session VS (Visperterminen, May 2013)

Alex XXL
Taser unplugged
FLASH, wind up to 50 km/h
Alula, Visperterminen
Ultegra E, Visperterminen
Poky 40, Visperterminen

Arcus Sport 2.6m (Visperterminen, May 2013)

BETA 2.3m, (Uster Sunnenberg, März 2013)

FLASH Nürflügel, (Uster Sunnenberg, März 2013)

Camflyer Q flycam, little acro flight (Gossau, 23.03.13)

Camflyer Q, 3′ test flight (Gossau, 14.03.13)

Camflyer Q, short test flight (Gossau, 14.03.13)

Alula Evo from Dream-Flight, test flight

Camflyer Q, first Flight with wingcam (Gossau, 13.03.13)

Arcus Sport, Autumn flight (Jeizinen, November 2012)

Phoenix 2000 over ex-airbase (Turtmann, 17.11.12)

Phoenix 2000 und Radian Pro (Untere Feselalp, 2000 M.ü.M., November 2012)

Arcus Sport (Mönchaltorf, March 2012)

Nice “Suisse” landscape with Radian Pro (Mönchaltorf, Sep. 2012)

Arcus Sport Compilation (Mönchaltorf, Pfannenstiel, Sep. 2012)

Phoenix 2000, 2m, Pfannenstiel (ZH), 18.08.12

Radian-Pro in Stabio (TI) Gruppo Aeromodellisti Mendrisiotto

Radian-Pro Compilation Jeizinen VS (July 2012)

Radian Pro in Thermic Jeizinen VS, 1500M.ü.M. (July-August 2012)

Ultera Electro in Jeizinen VS, 1500M.ü.M (July 2012)

Lukas flying T-Rex 600E in Stabio TI

Phoenix chasing Phoenix, Maur-Looren

Ultegra Elektro 1.5m

Fox 2.32 EPO Hobbyking

Arcus Sport 2.6 EPO Robbe

Phoenix 2000 2m

Radian Pro 2m

Phoenix 2000 2m

Phoenix 2000 2m

Fox 2.3 EPO Hobbyking

Klause DLG Training (Feb. 2012)

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