SAM old missile base

Switzerland. Seems like to make a walk in the past, in the years of the cold war. An old base of SAM surface to air missile Bristol Bloodhound (BL-64 Swiss Name) could be visited in Switzerland in the region of Zug (open air museum: We took in the last days, with my friend Alessandro, a couple of pictures with our Mavic Pro and Phantom 3. An old (2013) but very interesting article from NZZ (Neue Zürcher Zeitung) could you read here:

Fly over the old “Bloodhound” BL-64 missile station

Flying4Nature team visited on June 2013 the old BL-64 “Bloodhoud” Missile Station ZG in Switzerland – today a museum ( available to the general public – and flew with Phoenix 2000 a short flycam video in this special location. Enjoy it and the pictures!