Hiking&droning in the Swiss Alps

During my excursions in the Swiss-Alps, I never fail to take some air pictures with the drone I always carry with me. Obviously always respecting the flight rules and restrictions (LINK HERE). Here below is a small selection of the last three locations I flew to in May and early June 2022. 1] Stoos-Fronalpstock, 2000m ASL, Canton of Schwyz; 2] Lötschental-Niwengrat-Stritungrat, 2650m ASL, Canton of Wallis/Valais; 3] Passo San Lucio, 1550m ASL, Canton of Ticino at the border with Italy. Enjoy!

More air picture of me on my channel by DRONESTRAGRAM – check it out!

Weg der Schweiz

A couple of photos with my drone Mavic Pro (1) over the “Weg der Schweiz” (Switzerland’s way) in the Seelisberg Region (central Switzerland) and the awesome village of “Bauen”. The Lake “Vierwaldstättersee” (Lake of the Four Cantons) and the Grütli meadow, historical and almost mythical location for the foundation of Switzerland (1291) and on July 1940 General Henry Guisan used this locations for his speech, the “Rütlirapport”, to the commanding officers of the Swiss Armed Forces in which he ordered the “Reduit”-strategy and his aim never to surrender if invaded.

Dronstagram – Channel flying4nature

The best drone pictures of flying4nature can you also look on the new designed Dronestagram website. Dronestagram is the first global platform dedicated to drone photography.

My dronstagram Channel (click the LINK) with lot of drone pictures from and over Switzerland. Have fun with it!

Nachweis für Fernpiloten

Flying4nature hat den Nachweis A1/A3 für Fernpiloten erreicht! Mit der neuen EU Drohnenverordnung 2021 ist es obligatorisch die Online-Prüfung der LBA (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt) zu absolvieren. Sie können unter diesem LINK die nötigen Schritten unternehmen: LPLUS TestStudio (lba-openuav.de). Es ist voll machbar. Einfach gründlich die Dokumentation lernen und aufmerksam die sehr gut strukturierten Videos-Tutorials folgen. Ich konnte in zirka 6h Studium dann die Prüfung mit Erfolg bestehen. Für die Registrierung müssen Sie unbedingt ein Bild Ihrer Identitäskarte oder Ihres Passes sowie die Daten Ihrer Versicherung bereit haben. Sie erhalten somit die Ihnen zugeteilte UAS-Betreiber-ID (e-ID), welche Sie auf Ihre Drohnen anbringen müssen. Viel Erfolg dabei! Weitere nützlichen Informationen unter: Drohnen Multicopter Quadrocopter | Tests, Vergleiche, Technik – Quadcopter / Roboter

Fly session in Leysin – Swiss Alps

Very nice days at the 11th and 12th of July with our gliders in the Region of Leysin, Swiss Alps. We flow over 2000m ASL (Location Berneuse) the new Ahi, Libelle, Taser, Raven and the nice Supra Expert EL 3.6m. Video of SUPRA below, Videos of Ahi (HERE) and DLG’s LIBELLE, RAVEN and TASER CLICK HERE!

Christmas eve with a Stone Flower

Nice Christmas eve flying with my new DJI, Mavic Mini on Tuesday the 24. December 2019 over the Monte Generoso (1700A ASL), South of Switzerland. Awesome weather, about 10 degrees. Sunset with the “Stone Flower” of architect Mario Botta from Mendrisio.

Hahnenmoos – flying session

First time for team flying4nature on the Hahnenmoos 1950 ASL (Switzerland – Berner Alpen). It’s the “RC glider paradise” of Switzerland (detailed description of this location on http://www.slople.com/). We have found a awesome location to fly and a lot of very kind pilots, who shared the own years of experiences with us! Very nice and clean hotel to have meal and to sleep (http://www.hahnenmoos.ch/). Video of the fly session below. More pictures on our FLICKR Channel.

Spring thermal flight

Spring flight with light thermal lift in the countrysite of Switzerland, region of Lucern. The plane is my (old – 10y) BETA 2-3m from “topmodels.cz”. Wood wing and fuselage in GFK, look at the plane review HERE and at the fly location HERE.

The Stone Flower

Il Fiore di Pietra (The Stone Flower) – on the Monte Generoso 1700m ASL (Switzerland) – is an octagonal creation of the swiss star architect Mario Botta. The building has finished at the start of 2017 and can be reach with a 9km long rack railway or by foot. Pictures have been taken with Mavic Pro DJI on the 24th December 2017.