Hahnenmoos – flying session

First time for team flying4nature on the Hahnenmoos 1950 ASL (Switzerland – Berner Alpen). It’s the “RC glider paradise” of Switzerland (detailed description of this location on http://www.slople.com/). We have found a awesome location to fly and a lot of very kind pilots, who shared the own years of experiences with us! Very nice and clean hotel to have meal and to sleep (http://www.hahnenmoos.ch/). Video of the fly session below. More pictures on our FLICKR Channel.

Spring thermal flight

Spring flight with light thermal lift in the countrysite of Switzerland, region of Lucern. The plane is my (old – 10y) BETA 2-3m from “topmodels.cz”. Wood wing and fuselage in GFK, look at the plane review HERE and at the fly location HERE.

Sommer gliders

Fly session (16th-18th June ’17) of Jeizinen 1600m ASL (Valais – Switzerland) with the gliders PCM Taser E (2.o) and my new DLG Libelle (of dream-flight ©). Nice weather, hot temperatures and a lot of awesome lift!
Look at our plane reviews with lot of pictures and technical specs. The NEW LIBELLE REVIEW and NEWEST PICTURES in FLICKR!!

Hot Winter “sloping”

Unglaublich aber wahr! Am 29. Dezember 2015 ohne Schnee auf 1500 M.ü.M. in den Schweizer Alpen (location village of Jeizinen). Ein sehr seltenes Ereignis. Ich konnte mit leichtem und warmem Aufwind am Hang fast wie in Frühling mit meinem langjährigen mich auf Reisen begleitenden treuen Segler (Phoenix 2000, 2.omslope fliegen. Just fun!

Oly II from Skybench

(by Philippe) A nice evening flight with flying4nature’s ‘big old girl’ the Oly II from Skybench.
You will see a mass of black clouds climbing over the Jura mountains towards ‘home field’ and then Mont Blanc in the background over the far side of Lac Leman. 15 minutes after the flight the black clouds rolled in bringing thunder, lightning and torrential rain. I was very glad to get all that wood safely indoors in time!

The Oly II is an evolution of the Olympic II designed and kitted by Airtronics in 1970. Since she was a huge hit in the 70’s and 80’s, Skybench have done a little tweaking and modernising and the end result is a very fine flying 100″ RE woodie.
Mine is a post 2006 kit using bang up to date electronics and a brushless motor meaning she truly is a fly anywhere, anytime bird.
Some people say that the additional weight of the motor makes the Oly II fly better now than the earlier designs but I am too young to be able to compare. Phew!
Onboard filming was done with a Mobius camera in 1080p at 30fps.