Black and White, Taser E PCM

Slope flying in Switzerland during a very cold day with North wind “Bise” (30-40km/h) in the countryside of Zürich (location Pfannenstiel). Carbon Taser Elektro from PCM (Podivine Composite Modellbau). With 539g (incl. 3S LiPo 800mAh) the perfect plane for this day. Look at the tecnical plane review here (with a lot of pictures).

This is the pure meaning of flying!

Quadrocopter Blade 350 QX

Flying4Nature möchte nicht auf Copters einsteigen, aber für die bessere Dokumentierung unserer Fly-Locations und Plane-Reviews haben wir als Träger der treuen GoPro den Quadrocopter Blade 350 QX in unsere “Flugflotte” eingeführt. Hier ein paar neue Aufnahmen davon. Videos kannst Du in unserem YOUTUBE Channel geniessen und das Blade REVIEW here. Auf jedem Fall unsere Aufnahmen werden, wie gewohnt, schwergewichtig aus Seglern bzw. Motorseglern bleiben.

TASER unplugged and electrical from PCM, review

The new plane review of the TASER UNPLUGGED and TASER ELEKTRO from PCM are online. F4N-Team built and flew this axtraordinary 2.0m full carbon gliders for you (unplugged version builded and flew by Philippe D., electrical builded by Martin K. and flew by Lorenzo).

Last year I [Philippe] found too many days with not enough lift for my slope ships so over the winter I wanted to build a light lift sloper that was tougher than a DLG and at least 2 metres span. After a lot of research, I made my decision…

The Taser Unplugged is a new creation from PCM in Austria. She was born out of a mixture of DLG and sloper DNA resulting in a very slippery and extremely light 2m ship that can fly in the lightest of lift but when the wind picks up can penetrate surprisingly well for a 2m ship with a flying weight of just 485g!
She is 100% carbon fibre from tip to tail and looks absolutely stunning for it.  All that carbon means a very, very lightweight model that flies a lot like a DLG. The model is manufactured to the absolute highest standards as we have all come to expect from PCM. All surfaces are cut and hinged at the factory meaning all you need to do is install the radio gear. One option that is left to the builder is the ailerons/flaps. They are supplied as one long, single flapperon like a DLG allowing you to choose the number of control surfaces. Seeing as the F4N team fly predominantly on the slope where flaps are a must to allow controlled landings (see the maiden video for a great example) I opted for both flaps and ailerons however those who want the lightest possible model can opt for a single control surface that means 2 less servos to carry.
I have opted for a 2 cell 850mAh LiFe battery that allows for a whole long afternoon on the slope without changing and is the perfect weight whilst avoiding the need for a UBEC.
More pictures by model reviews.

New model reviews Camflyer Q, Zip33, Alex XXL, Beta and Alula

The new model reviews of ALEX XXL (Nan Models), CAMFLYER Q (Bormatec),  ZIP33V2 (Zaerotech), BETA (Topmodel CZ) and ALULA (Dream Flight) are online. The team of Flying4Nature build and flew this planes for you and reports about characteristics, performances and quality. Videos are here.