Sommer flight with Ultegra E

Flying in Switzerland, wonderfull locations and landscapes.


Ultegra E from DJI F450

Short flight in Switzerland (region of Geneva) filming the Ultegra E (PCM) from the DJI F450. Subscribe for news our YOUTUBE channel, if you like it!

DJI F450  Ultegra EDJI F450

Fly session 09.-12.05.2013, Wallis

The new videos and pictures of the spring fly session in Wallis-Switzerland are online. Poky, Alex XXL, Taser unplugged, Ultegra E, Flash, and more…

We flew on May 10th and 11th with aweseome westerly wind and huge slope lift especially during the afternoon (up to 50 km/h!)  in the region of Visp (Jeizinen, Turtmann and Visperterminen).

Model reviews with specs pictures can you find here.