Radian Pro: Spring flight over sea

Spring flight with my Radian Pro (plane review HERE) in Santa Severa (Region Lazio, Rom) over the Mar Tirreno on 29 March 2015 (location review HERE). Wonderfull landscape and quiet beach for promenades and families! Look at the video and pictures below and also in our FLICKR channel (cam: GoPro HERO 3).

Paraglider Oxy 1.0 from Opale

Flying4Nature’s team try to find, build and show you nice and fascinating flying RC-technology. I always was passionate about parachutes and paragliders. After a short performance-cost analysis I decided to buy the Oxy 1.0 (incl. the E Backpack XS) from “Opale Paramodels” (France), in my opinion, the best leading company in RC paragliders. Below you can watch a short flight HD video and few pictures. You find the complete Oxy 1.0 review HERE (technical data, more pictures and comments). Don’t hesitate to contact us for questions!

For new experiences on a slope (or E drive out of the plane) to give a try or buy. Relatively easy to build (for everyone with a little RC experience) the Backpack XS has very good instructions. For ESC and RX, as always, personal solutions must be found. The individual parts from G10 fiber are very precisely built/designed , you need not cut or saw. Adhesive is fortunately not necessary! Calibration of the wing is challenging (length of the brake lines that are connected to the two servos) in the first toss. If you already have a bit of RC flight experience, this can be overcome without problem as well. IMPORTANT: NOT TOO MUCH GAS during start up, be subtle! I set the two servos (CH1 and CH6) and motor CH3 to the Futaba T14 flying wing program. The end point of the channels CH1 and CH6 (backward tilt) is programmed from 100% to 0%. Thus, the servos only move forward; curve separately/individually or both at the same time for braking.

Review Vitesse 3.0m

Winter flights with the Vitesse 3.0m E PNP (V1) from Dymond (Staufenbiel). Flying4Nature’s team built resp. assembled this E glider. After lot of not planned works and modifications (although PNP version) we flew the plane. Look at our evaluation and plane review HERE (technical data and pictures).

Quadrocopter Blade 350 QX

Flying4Nature möchte nicht auf Copters einsteigen, aber für die bessere Dokumentierung unserer Fly-Locations und Plane-Reviews haben wir als Träger der treuen GoPro den Quadrocopter Blade 350 QX in unsere “Flugflotte” eingeführt. Hier ein paar neue Aufnahmen davon. Videos kannst Du in unserem YOUTUBE Channel geniessen und das Blade REVIEW here. Auf jedem Fall unsere Aufnahmen werden, wie gewohnt, schwergewichtig aus Seglern bzw. Motorseglern bleiben.

Slope soaring in Ticino

Nice soaring autumn flight (20131107) in the region of Monte Bar-Caval Drossa 1400 ASL (Ticino-Switzerland). See more on this website: pictures, planes reviews and fly locations/maps.
Pilot: Lorenzo / Plane: BETA 2.3m Topmodel CZ / Location: Motto della Croce-Alpe Rompiago (CH 719763 / 105649) / Camera: GoPro Hero 3 Silv. Ed.

New fly locations

Look at the new fly locations of the team flying4nature (F4N)! A lot of informations, HD videos, maps, reviews and pictures of awesome RC glider locations. “Our” new locations are the Monte Tamaro (Alpe Foppa) and the Caval Drossa in the region of Monte Bar in Ticino – Switzerland. A wounderfull middle mountain landscapes on about 1500 m.a.s.l.

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Locations Switzerland